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The legal system recognizes that minor children and some adults are unable to protect their own self-interests and care for themselves. In the state of California, conservatorship is the legal concept that allows a person to take legal control of another person. This may due to an elderly loved one who is no longer able to take care of themselves due to physical or mentally ill problems. Conservatorships can also be obtained if a family member has lost their parents or his dealing with an ongoing serious disability. 

We understand that every family situation is different. In some cases, conservatorship may be the best option for a loved one, but in other cases it might not be the best choice and we advise to seek other alternatives.  We assist our clients for managing the legal and financial affairs of an adult who is unable to manage these issues on their own. We work with individuals to who are subject to conservatorship, but wish to have the oversight terminated. 

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